Special Facilities - H’ART Museum

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Special Facilities

Wheelchair facilities

All rooms and facilities are wheelchair-friendly. There are three disabled toilets and three public lifts in the building. Due to limited availability, we recommend that you reserve our wheelchairs or walkers by sending an e-mail to mail@hartmuseum.nl.

Disabled parking spaces

H’ART Museum has two disabled parking spaces which can be reserved if you hold a disabled parking licence and the space is for your own car.
To make a reservation, send an e-mail to mail@hartmuseum.nl on work days. Please indicate: the date, (estimated) time of arrival and departure, licence plate number, and mobile phone number. This information will be used to make a reservation and send your confirmation e-mail. If both spaces are already taken, you will receive an e-mail to that effect.

Entrance H'ART Museum building

Cars, buses and taxis cannot come in the immediate vicinity of H’ART Museum. Are you being brought by car or taxi? Then use the address Nieuwe Keizersgracht 1. You can get out there in front of the entrance pole, then it is a minute’s walk to the entrance. If you are disabled, you can ring the bell at the pole and request that you can be dropped off at the entrance to the museum grounds.

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