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Keti Koti

1 July 2024

On July 1st, we will celebrate the emancipation day Keti Koti in our courtyard. Actor and theater producer Anton de Bies gives a storytelling performance about TULA, who led the slave population in Curaçao in an uprising against the Dutch colonial government in 1795. This part of the program is in Dutch.


1 July 2024

Hours: 12:00 - 15:00
Practical information
Location: Courtyard
Entry: free admission

During the day, there will be free Heri Heri meals while stocks last. Take a seat in the grass to listen to the performance or bring your meal. Heri heri is a one-pot dish that dates back to the time of slavery in Suriname. Enslaved people on the plantations had to cook with what was available, such as cassava, sweet potato, plantain, bakkeljauw and egg. We now know this combination of ingredients as ‘heri heri,’ which means ‘heal’ or ‘whole’. More and more, it is also eaten during Keti Koti.

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